Key Products

Flue Gas Analyzers

To adjust fuel combustion efficiency and to comply with Emission Monitoring Laws, a number of parameters are measure in flue/exhaust gasses e.g. O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, temperature gas velocity /flow, etc.

Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imagers are non-contact temperature measuring devices. Thermal Imagers have numerous applications they can be used to inspect machines, plants & buildings. Find loose electrical connections & faults, detect defects in insulations etc., A no of models are available to suit different application.

Environmental Monitoring Instruments

Environmental monitoring measurements cover measurements in ambient air, water, solids and source of emissions and pollution etc. PCM is a leader in making available the state of the art instruments for all kind of measurement.

Bonding Agents for Rubber/Polymer

CILBONDS offer perhaps the best performing bonding agents in the world to the industry related to rubber to metal bonded parts like textile rollers, auto parts, engine mounting brake pads, rubber lining etc.



Started operating office at the new premises.


Started import & supply of solar power systems.


Extended operation in Lahore


Started selling CIL Bonds.


First flue gas Analyzer from TESTO sold


Company established


Consultancy Services for Setting up scientific laboratories.

Import and Supply of equipment, materials, chemicals etc.

Installation and commissioning of Lab Equipment

After sales repair and maintenance services

Technical Training on usage of Bonding Agents.